About Sandie

Sandie Dallow Puppy School Tutor Kidderminster

Sandie is your Puppy School tutor in Kidderminster, Great Witley and now Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire and has been a Puppy School tutor since 2012. Sandie has just retired from the Police after 30 years front line service.  She has been a Police Dog handler since 1996 and when she “inherited a dog with major issues” she became involved with Puppy School.

Puppy school is all about educating dogs and their owners and the result is a happy socialised family pet that the whole family can enjoy.

Sandie runs classes alongside her husband Bill who has been a Puppy School tutor since 2015.

Sandie and Bill have five pet dogs at home, a 10 year old Schnozzle called Bumble, a 8 year old Schnoodle called Libertie, who is Sandie's pet Scent detection dog,  Sandie's retired (due to health reasons) search dog, 7 year old Springer Spaniel Toby, 3 years old Springer Spaniel called River and new addition a 16 week old Cocker Spaniel called Tipsy.

Sandie and Bill spend a lot of time walking with the dogs and when we go on holiday generally our dogs come too. Bumble and Libertie have also been abroad.  Sandie has recently taken up Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Bumble, Libbie and River all go SUP too

Both Sandie and Bill have also completed the Puppy University Tutors and SuperPup courses and run classes for older dogs too. Both are Pet First Aid trained and continue to learn new skills to pass onto their pet owners.

Sandie has recently undertaken and successfully passed a City & Guilds Scent Detection Handler Course with Libbie and are now qualified to hold Scent Detection Courses. Sandie now runs Scent Detection Courses and Workshops.

Sandie is currently training with Animal Centered Education with the renowned Sarah Fisher to help dogs work with Freework and free movement to build confidence and help with posture and confidence.

Bill is a qualified Pet First Aid Instructor and regularly runs Pet First Aid courses for everyone.

For more details visit http://www.sandiesscentschool.co.uk